Getting Started


How do I begin?

When you're ready, look at our list of participating Collaborative Professionals and schedule an appointment.  You can either share the information on this website with your former partner so they can do the same, or your lawyer will write to them and make the request.  If needed, you may also choose to work with collaboratively trained neutral family and financial professionals. Adding professionals does not necessarily mean added cost, as the goal is to distribute work between professionals in a coordinated manner. With their support and guidance, you and your spouse work together in a cooperative, non-adversarial fashion.


What if I'm not sure whether this will work?

You can have a neutral consultation for $250 for up to an hour with one of our collaboratively trained professionals.  During this consultation they will review your situation and discuss what is the best way for you to resolve your differences, i.e. in a court application, mediation or collaborative process.  You will hear about the pros and cons of each and decide what works for you.


Why is Collaborative a good approach?

  • shorter timelines than traditional lawyer to lawyer negotiations
  • supportive environment
  • clients are in charge of their process
  • Communication is respectful and even supportive
  • private, not a public record

More Good Reasons


The Collaborative Team process protects the dignity and long-term goals of all family members.

As you explore your options for a divorce settlement, you may find that you have some important questions that are difficult to answer. For example, will utilizing collaborative family law save me money? Will the results really be better than going to court?

The answer is yes. In many cases, using the collaborative process is an effective way to save money during the divorce process and will reduce some of the tensions that would invariably occur by taking your case to court. Our team is equipped to provide you with the services and solutions that meet your needs.

Another important question you may have is how your children will be impacted by divorce proceedings.  The collaborative team, including our highly qualified family professionals, have the experience and insight to help families achieve a workable parenting plan and coach in co-parenting strategies that protect children from conflict and foster healthy relationships. Together we sign an agreement to act quickly to resolve issues and promote a caring, loving and involved relationship between the children and both parents.

Your role in the process is to help create solutions that work best for you and your family.

You have an active part in the collaborative process. You remain a decision maker in this process, whereas in the Court process you lose that ability and turn it over to a third party, the Judge.  We will help you identify your goals and interests so that you will help create options and the ultimate solutions that are best suited for your family. We will assist you in being as prepared as possible by having all your documents together and even in understanding what solutions you think would work best. We also encourage you to be as informed as much as you can be on the mediation process and to work as a team with your partner and our collaborative professionals to reach a solution that works best for all parties. We will keep your family’s best interests in mind, and recognize that you are a part of the process and the outcome.