Mario Carnevale

As an avid Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Lions fan, I can certainly understand frustration. As a family lawyer for over 30 years, I have assisted many individuals in dealing with the traumatic and chaotic situations that family break-ups can cause. These individuals are filled with contradictory emotions and the Family Law rules and procedures can be very upsetting and frustrating..   This is why I am very excited about the new Collaborative Law procedure coming to Windsor.  What is exciting about Collaborative Law, is that the Lawyers agree NOT to go to court.  Along with other social and financial experts, the Lawyers commit themselves to resolving all issues to the satisfaction of the clients and family members involved. If you are in an on-going family case or are contemplating leaving your partner, come and see me.  Let me help. Collaborative Law - the new way! Contact me at or call 519-969-8855  

Dana Cranker

Dana Cranker

Dana enjoys the practice of family law and helping people get on with their lives.   Dana graduated in 1999 from the University of Windsor Law School  and began to practice  law in the Province of Ontario in 2001.  Dana is an avid Duke basketball fan and March Madness devotee and was the first woman to coach boy's high school basketball.  Dana made an early decision to concentrate only in the area of family law where she felt she could make a difference for families and facilitate individuals finding a resolution to their own family issues. She has offered her services to the youth of our community and is a panel member to the Office of the Children's Lawyer.    As a mother of a young child, Dana knows how important custody planning and decision making can be for separating families.  She has volunteered her time in an effort to improve the lives of individuals and has worked with such organizations as the Circle of Seven, Sandwich Teen Action Group and 12.13 Productions Inc.   Dana Cranker is committed to serving her clients. Contact her at or call 519-969-8855. 

Kristen Hales

 Kristen graduated from the University of Windsor Law School in 1994 and began practicing law  in 1996. She was a founding partner in Gibson & Hales from 1998 until 2006 when she became Lead Counsel for the Windsor-Essex Children's Aid Society.  In 2008, Kristen joined Stipic, Arpino, Weisman, where she stayed until 2016.  She now has her own  private practice.  Kristen has been a panel lawyer for the Office of the Children's Lawyer since 2001.  Kristen is also a Deputy Judge of the Superior Court of Justice Small Claims Court.  Recently, she has been teaching Advocacy at St. Clair College in their paralegal program, and she is one of the charter members of the Ontario Association of Child Protection Lawyers.  In her spare time, Kristen enjoys re-creating the middle ages as a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and promoting musical education as a Board Member of the Algoma Music Camp.    

Robert Jutras

  Robert studied Psychology and English at the University of Windsor from 1974 to 1976. He qualified for an early acceptance to the University of Windsor Law School and obtained his Bachelor of Law in 1978. He was called to the Ontario Bar and has been a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada since 1980. He obtained a Mediation Certificate from the Law Society of Upper Canada on April 13, 1999. He attended an intensive workshop and obtained a Certificate in Alternate Dispute Resolution from the Faculty of Law, University of Windsor, on October 31, 2003. He was appointed as a Charter Member of the Essex County Courthouse Roster as a Mediator in the Mandatory Mediation Program. He has thirty continuous years of experience in private legal practice, negotiation, and dispute resolution. Contact Robert at     

Deborah Rollier

Deborah Rollier Collaborative Lawyer

Debbie is a lawyer/partner with the law firm Ricci, Enns, Rollier & Setterington LLP with offices in both Leamington and Kingsville. She was  called to the Bar in 2001 and has practiced all aspects of family law throughout her law career.  In 2010, Debbie obtained her Master of Laws specializing in Family Law from York University. She was accredited as a mediator by OAFM in 2012 and conducts mediation both through the Attorney General’s court-based program and privately.  Debbie is committed to assisting families resolve their family law disputes collaboratively without the involvement of the court process. 

Contact Deborah at  519-326-5718 ext 231 or by email at

Nadia Bhatti

Nadia Bhatti Collaborative Lawyer

Nadia represents clients in matters pertaining to family law and child protection matters in Windsor-Essex County and surrounding areas. Nadia graduated from the University of Windsor and has an Honours Degree in Psychology. She also graduated from the University of Windsor School of Law in 2002 and was called to the Ontario Bar Association in 2003.   Nadia is a member of the Essex Law Association and the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. Nadia also represents children through the Office of the Children’s Lawyer.    

Nadia can be reached at 519-252-9697 or by e-mail at  

Joel Wright


Joel Wright has practiced law in the Windsor and Essex County area for over 21 years.  He has a B.Comm (Hons) degree as well as an M.B.A and LLB..  His primary area of practice is family law and he is collaboratively trained.  Joel will also assist clients with real estate and Wills and estates.  He is the Past president of the Essex Law Association, Member of the Board of Directors and Past President of Canterbury College, and a Past Warden of Christ Church in Colchester.  Joel is also actively involved with coaching baseball and hockey teams for his children as well as many others in the community for many years.

Contact Joel at 519-974-9748 or by email to


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Mark Hurley


Mark Hurley obtained a B.A., B.Ed., and LL.B., all from the University of Windsor. He was called to the Ontario Bar in 2004 and began a general practice with Karry & Laba in Kingsville, Ontario, primarily focusing on civil litigation and family law.   He moved to the Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society as in house counsel in February 2007, where he remained until October 2010, when he left to start his own practice. Mark has continued to represent the Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society as counsel since that time.    Mark has conducted numerous trials and appeared at various levels of court in Ontario, including the Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court of Justice and Divisional Court. Mark is a member of the Essex Law Association and a current board member of Our Lady of Guadalupe Home in Windsor. 

Mark can be reached by telephone at 519-915-6136 ext 109 or at

Brenda McGinty


Brenda McGinty has practiced law in Windsor/Essex for the past 23 years. She graduated from the University of Windsor law school in 1992 and was called to the bar in 1994. Brenda has offices in Windsor and Belle River. Her practice has focused on family law and real estate. Brenda has extensive experience handling a variety of family separation and divorce files both within the court system and out-of-court settlements. Brenda uses a practical solution based approach to resolving family files effectively and efficiently. She has completed specialized training in collaborative family law and believes the collaborative process is best suited for resolving family legal disputes. 

Contact Brenda at 519-255-1535 or by email at