Divorce Differently: Welcome to Collaborative Practice Windsor

A New way to Divorce and Separate - Keeping you out of Court and working as a team in a less expensive and faster process

About Us

No Court, Still Protected


With Collaborative Lawyers, the focus is on keeping you out of court but still providing you with strong legal advocacy.  The lawyers have been trained to focus on settlement by giving you the law in a non-adversarial way so you can make informed, timely decisions about what is best for your future.  



If you are separating, there are likely issues that are causing you pain. Collaborative professionals can help you through that pain so that it doesn't cost you.  Emotionally led legal proceedings cost money, and take a long time.  Your Collaborative professional is trained to help you focus on a fair and timely result.  

Timely and Efficient


Choosing Collaborative Lawyers means meetings will be set up quickly.  You will each have your own lawyer.  If you need assistance with emotions  or want to work through parenting with a Family Professional, or want help gathering the financial information, that can be done as well.  Meetings will focus on a fair and timely result.  

What is Collaborative Practice

Collaborative Professionals


Working with collaboratively trained family lawyers, family professionals, and/or financial professionals in Windsor allows you to address issues from a legal, financial, and emotional perspective and arrive at a solution that works for everyone in your family. Collaborative Law Professionals in Windsor work out-of-court with separating and divorcing couples. With an emphasis on full disclosure, respect, and open communication, this approach is client-directed and family-focused. 

The Process


The Collaborative Process is ideal for spouses seeking an alternative to traditional, court-based approaches to divorce and separation. It’s for individuals who have children together and want to maintain the best possible family relationships, now and in the future. It’s for spouses who recognize that they’re the best at making decisions about family and finance, and not someone else. And it’s for people who place a high value on taking personal responsibility for handling conflicts with integrity. 

Getting Started


First you each choose a collaboratively trained lawyer listed on this website.  The lawyers will have you sign an Agreement which specifies that niether of them will represent you in Court but will rather work hard to guide you to settlement in a series of meetings.  Your lawyers will meet with you alone in order to understand what is important to you but then also meet with you both in Settlement Meetings where both parties and the lawyers will try to resolve your issues.

Here's how it works: